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Thank you for an afternoon of sheer AWESOMENESS!!!!! I think it is so cool and interesting that you have been a part of a band for over twenty years. You all play GREAT together and I loved your choice of songs for the ECI STOCK picnic event!!! I feel so lucky to be a part of a company that enjoys this type of event!!!! It couldn’t have been more perfect!!!


Please thank the rest of band again!!!




BTW – You have a beautiful voice!!!!! It is so cool to be so talented!!!!!


Thank you, again!!


Lisa Goldfarb

Vice President of Human Resources

ECI Technology

Totowa, NJ

"To be honest, I had some doubts as to how good you guys were.

But I was willing to go online and hear your sample recordings.


We ALL thought your band was GREAT! In fact, we all said you guys are the best cover band either we’ve EVER heard, or heard in a VERY long time! And we all agreed we will definitely come back again.

GREAT song selections, too.

I never expected we’d stay until the end of the 2nd set! But you were THAT good!
    – JoAnn Z. - a new fan!

“You guys are fantastic!”
    – Diana Mangano, lead vocalist, Jefferson Starship.

“I thought I was listening to the jukebox - I LOVE these guys!

– Rob Moorehead / WDHA Jersey's Own Rock Radio.

“You put on a great show. I overheard someone say that you guys were the best that evening.

Another person really enjoyed your cover of Santana!  He was very impressed!

Again, great job and thanks for all your efforts performing at the 1st annual Hawk Classic Hits Concert. Best wishes!”
– KJ / 99.9FM The Hawk, Easton, PA.

“I am really impressed! ... (they) sound just like the originals!” 

– Bill Schmal, Entertainment Director, Trump Marina Hotel Casino.

“Thanks for entertaining us all at the Fair last night. I got lots of great comments about you guys from lots of  4-H folks as I roamed around the grounds. I even noticed some of the volunteers dancing during their assigned time in their tents. Your sound carried far & very well into our fair.

You guys were great! Yes, you rock!!!!!”  
– Betty Sommerville, Entertainment Coordinator, Somerset County 4-H Fair Committee.

“Seriously... do you guys have any idea how good you are??

You got folks at the Belmar Fishing Club, up, out of their seats, dancing...that NEVER happens!

Please know that you have something special.

Your vocals, your musical talent...defintely NOT in the average Jersey bar band realm.

You guys play for the heart, the guts... for the heart connection.

It's real, it's felt... and you guys should be so proud of what you're doing.

We ALL noticed, we ALL took note, and knew something different was unfolding.

 Keep on Rocking! You have something special!”

“Hey guys, I know I told you on Saturday Night at Musikfest Cafe,

but I want to reiterate just how awesome your music and performance was!!

There are never any disappointments from Lost In Place!!”

“The Kerwin’s gig was great! My first time seeing this band.

  I was blown away! You guys are so tight and spot on.

  Much talent! I had SO much fun. I'll be back!”

Here we go… Here we go! I have to write a review here because you folks out there honestly need to make your way out to check out this local band. I have been out to see hundreds of bands over my years and to be quite frank, my new “going out,” has been to stay in. Why, you ask? The reason is because, in my humble opinion, there aren’t really many quality sounding bands out there. Sure I love to go to local venues with friends and have a few cocktails, have some laughs, and dance the night away, however, tell me if you can, where can one go locally and hear good, no… GREAT music with an amazing line-up of tunes, and most importantly… A REALLY GREAT SOUND? I have the answer, my friends, right here. “LOST in PLACE.”
“Lost in Place” is a local rock band that consists of 3 guitarists, a keyboard player, and two gentlemen who play drums and congas. Honest to goodness, they are hands down, the BEST local band in our region! Whenever I have the opportunity to go for the evening, I immediately go to this band's website ( to see where and when they will be performing. No matter which company I am in, I always bring friends to see this band and it's always a big hit and an amazing night out of spectacular music and a great show overall, 100% of the time. The band plays the rock tunes mostly from the 60’s/70’s, and I believe even early 80’s . My particular favorites are The Doors, David Bowie, Eddie Money, Pink Floyd, and Santana, and there is so much more! I just went to see Lost in Place this past Saturday evening (Nov. 19, 2016). Upon approaching the venue, you can hear the music and see the entire dance floor filled with tons of people singing along with the band and dancing themselves to their rockin’ cores! There was standing-room only… the place was packed! The energy in the place was absolutely palpable and it was ROCKING! What I loved the most is that I IMMEDIATELY heard a lot… and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT of QUALITY sound. Now I must admit, it takes A LOT to get a compliment out of me, however, Lost in Place gets a deep and heartfelt two-thumbs up and here’s why: Every time I come and see this band, they are better than the last time. No kidding, no exaggeration. With each gig, they are noticeably better… they step up the quality of the rock-solid performance each and every time they perform. Now get this: When you hear this band, you get the experience of a “big-band” sound. Dead serious, their sound fills ALL the space within those walls… the sound is rich and full, consistent, and truly unbelievable. They have “big-band” sound quality, while they are just a traditional local classic rock band. People, this is a band that has a tremendous amount of pride in their sound… it is abundantly evident, especially with my having followed them, I see and hear the difference from gig-to-gig and it is astounding. To boot, Lost in Place is a very crowd-interactive band, so they keep you engaged and interested even between the songs. They take only one brief break, so not to have you waiting too long. They enjoy interacting with their fans and take requests very frequently. Their personalities complement one another, the kick ass harmonies, and back-up vocals as well. I particularly love how songs may be passed around vocally..… Different band members pick up different parts of the vocals throughout the piece.. it’s absolutely awesome. With this, I encourage absolutely anyone… any age range from those of a newly legal age (21) to those of the more mature age range (121), to get out and check this band out. They have something in store for every guest in their audience and will make sure everyone is satisfied. They are very approachable and love to have fans give some feedback, as I had witnessed. Cheers to all of you gentlemen in Lost in Place. I wish you many years of some Ass Kickin’ success, and keeping on rocking!!! Cheers!

Julianna, Art Historian, at Tim Kerwins Tavern.

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